What We Do


We believe the first step towards seeing a disciple making movement take hold in Aotearoa is for us to tend to the “soil” or culture in our communities, churches, cities, and country.

Here are some of the ways we can partner with you in your patch...

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Soil Conditioner™ Workshop Series

For regions wanting to start work prior to beginning a fully-fledged Learning Community process, we offer our series of “Soil Conditioner” workshops. These are a great way to “prepare the soil” or “add compost” if you want to begin an energising conversation around mission and discipleship in your area, and begin to gather people around a shared vision for your neck of the woods.

We’ll send one of our experienced practitioners to lead a half-day workshop for key leaders and their teams three-four times over the year. This is a great way to get sense of how receptive your people are to discipleship, mission, and the Good Soil Collective kaupapa.

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Learning Communities

The purpose of a Learning Community is to support and resource you as leaders and your church or organisation on the journey of discipleship and mission.

Gatherings take place every six months over a period of two years. Each gathering has a different theme during which you’ll hear from experienced local practitioners, discover proven methods of discipleship and mission, while having space to evaluate your current realities and make concrete plans as you move forward.

One of the things that makes a Learning Community so impacting is that it’s designed to be done in teams or three or six – because missional discipleship can’t be a solo sport! The cost of a Learning Community also includes a fortnightly huddle (coaching) for the key leader of each team so that a culture of personal discipleship is cultivated in your team

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“Huddle” Leadership Coaching

It’s our belief that you can’t lead anyone somewhere you’re not willing to go yourself, and “Huddles” are the way that we offer leadership coaching for those wishing to engage in our discipleship process and to put the tools into practice.

“Huddles” area lead by an experienced leader, normally occur for a hour or so once a fortnight, over a one-two year period, with four-six participants. They can happen in real life face-to-face gatherings if people are in the same area, or virtually via online video software for those who are more scattered.

Huddles are included the Learning Community and Community of Practice journeys.

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Communities of Practice

A Community of Practice is the sequel for leaders and teams who have come through our Learning Community process. Usually after the two years of a Learning Community, there is a deep sense of bond and shared story both within each team and between the teams.

The Community of Practice helps each team to stay accountable and open to God’s voice as they continue on the discipleship and mission journey. Like Learning Communities, they gather together as teams every six months for input, accountability, strategic planning, and coaching over a two year period.

If you’d like to request more information about any of the above processes we offer - including options, costing’s, and availability - please get in touch with us: info@goodsoilcollective.org.nz.