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Community of Practice #2 (Christchurch)


Gathering Six

The Community of Practice helps team’s who have been through a Learning Community together to stay accountable and open to God’s voice as they continue on the discipleship and mission journey.

Just like Learning Communities, teams gather together every six months for input, accountability, strategic planning, and coaching over a two year period. Community of Practice gatherings move from a heavy teaching component to focusing far more on tactics and coaching for how missional discipleship is unfolding in your context.

As we did last time Thursday will begin at 6pm with a shared dinner, before getting into the nights content and team discussions at 7pm, finishing the night around 9pm. While Friday begins bright and early at 9am, with morning tea and lunch provided throughout the day, and wrapping up around 4pm.

Registration email will be sent to all those who attended Gathering One.